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  • Why become GDPR compliant?

    On the 25th May, 2018, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enforced. This is the most important data regulation change in Europe over the last decade. It reshapes the way in which data is being processed and handled all over Europe and elsewhere. It means all companies collecting or processing data from EU users have to be GDPR-compliant.

    What is being GDPR-compliant?

    Companies can process EU data all while being GDPR-compliant if they do it on legal-basis or if users consented to their data being processed by this company for specific purposes.

    All data collection processed from end-users for marketing purposes have to be consented. The consent must be given for each purpose and each partner getting access to the data.

    IAB Europe introduced five different purposes:

    - Information storage and access

    - Personalisation

    - Ad selection, delivery, reporting

    - Content selection, delivery, reporting

    - Measurement

    One was recently added by the French regulator (CNIL):

    - Location-based advertising

    What is GDPR-compliant user consent?

    Every company must be able to prove that users were given a clear consent notice, unambiguous, informed, and unbundled. The message displayed has to be easy to understand to anyone. Users have to give consent freely and have the right to withdraw anytime. Withdrawing consent must be as easy as giving consent. Also, users can give consent to any or none of the purposes for which data is being collected. If they don't want to share any data with the service, application, website requesting access to their personal data they must be able to use this service without any degrade of experience.

  • Personalized consent for every app

    Make the CMP yours for a perfect integrated workflow

    25 languages

    We support all major EU languages, all countries where GDPR is enforced

    The consent adapts automatically to the device language

    Customizable design

    Personalize your consent management platform and design how you'd like it to be. Use any styles, fonts, colors...

    Unlimited partners

    Customize your list of select partners and add as many 3rd party companies as you want

    Android Native

    Kotlin native code - Android 4.0.0 and above supported

    Location-based consent

    You can adapt the consent notice based on where the device is based so every regulation can be addressed the right way

  • One opt-in for every purpose

    IAB list of purposes + the ones added by CNIL (French regulator)

    • Information storage and access
    • Personalisation
    • Ad selection, delivery, reporting
    • Content selection, delivery, reporting
    • Measurement
    • Location-based advertising